3. E-Navigation is the Future of Shipping
E-Navigation is the Future of Shipping

E-Navigation is the Future of Shipping

Trading worldwide without electronic devices is no longer an choice, young navigators and crew are turned on to digital technology and want this modern technology at their fingertips rather than the messy, cumbersome, labour-intensive and paper-intensive


Tor Svanes, the founder and CEO of NAVTOR, believes that electronic chart and display information systems (ECDIS) is now a must-have navigational tool in the modern era.

ECDIS has become the modus operandi on all ships, even those working on vessels that are not so modern.

Modern ECDIS systems overlaid with passage planning, regulatory information, and weather forecasts are, among other things, much easier for the crew to work, according to Svanes. Svanes admits there were teething problems in the beginning. But he adds, “There is very little negativity about ECDIS these days, it has more integration with other systems and other equipment while updating charts with other data is a simple download.”

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