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  3. Chief Executive Officer of the Wallem Group resigns
Chief Executive Officer of the Wallem Group resigns

Chief Executive Officer of the Wallem Group resigns

The company's board announced that Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer of the Wallem Group, has resigned and will soon leave the Wallem Group.


“I am proud of the changes I have brought to Wallem and for the advances we have made. After all these years in the maritime industry I would now like to focus on putting something back and on the welfare and rights of seafarers,” Frank Coles stated.

John Kaare Aune, Managing Director of Wallem Shipmangement Limited, will, on an interim basis, take over the role of Frank as CEO of Wallem Group Limited.

In the maritime industry, Coles has been a very vocal figure on many issues facing the industry at the moment, including the current humanitarian crisis faced by seafarers.

“As many will be aware Frank has been very active in highlighting the plight of seafarers during the Covid-19 pandemic and now wishes to become more involved in promoting their welfare, as well as pursuing other opportunities. During his two and half years at Wallem Frank has initiated many changes aimed at enhancing customer service, obtaining operational efficiencies and improving safety. We wish Frank success for the future,” the company announced.

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