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  3. Busan Port awarded with the title of "Best Practice in Port Digitalization"
Busan Port awarded with the title of "Best Practice in Port Digitalization"

Busan Port awarded with the title of "Best Practice in Port Digitalization"

A study to be released by the World Bank and the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) on January 21, involves Busan Port's progress of a Chain Portal.


In order to accelerate the digitalization of small and medium-sized ports and ports in developing countries, a study on ports' digitalization to fight COVID-19 has been released. It covers the best practices of the Port of Busan and other leading foreign ports and international organizations.

In June last year, the World Bank and IAPH selected Busan Port's Chain Portal as the best practice for port digitalisation. The only Asian port to be chosen for the survey was Busan Port.

The evolution of its port group systems and Chain Portal, a blockchain technology based logistics portal system, was implemented by the Busan Port Authority.

With COVID-19, digitalization of ports has become the most heated topic of the global maritime and port industry. Against the backdrop, BPA will do its best to share Busan Port's best practices in IT and improve its global reputation," stated CEO Nam Ki-chan.

Port Community System (PCS): Chain Portal is an information sharing portal developed through data exchanges between stakeholders to improve port management and operational performance. It is the Busan Port 3rd generation PCS consisting of the ITT system, the integrated terminal monitoring system, and big data.

Blockchain technology improves the reliability of data and enables container tracking in real time, maximizing stakeholders' work performance.

The Busan Port Authority, on the other hand, continues to play a leading role as a global port: it took part in ChainPORT, consulted the PCS Port Authority in Peru, and gave a presentation on PCS at the Smart City Expo 2020 in Barcelona.

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