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Busan Port Authority enhances protection due to COVID-19

Busan Port Authority enhances protection due to COVID-19

On 3 August, Busan Port Authority reported that it is responding thoroughly to the COVID-19 crisis by enhancing the process of disinfection at Gamcheon Port and also reminding international crew of prevention methods.


Gamcheon Port usually has several vessel types, including freezer / refrigerator vessels, general cargo vessels, and ocean-going fishing vessels, and multi-national crew members, unlike North and New Ports that mostly handle containers.

COVID-19 cases on international crew members were confirmed on June 22, which led BPA to strengthen its emergency response system in partnership with the Port & Transport Worker's union's Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries and Busan Federation to prevent the disease from spreading to local communities.

BPA regularly conducted disinfection sessions for worker waiting areas, pier entry guard posts, etc. with the aid of disinfection service firms, and when reported cases occurred, the Authority took emergency steps with the aid of a public health center for the related pier facilities and nearby harbor areas.

The BPA Gamcheon Office has formed a joint on-site inspection group to verify in real time whether workers comply with preventive measures and whether crew members or employees have regular body temperatures and wear acceptable safety equipment. These matters were reviewed by the community and corrected if non-compliance was found on the site.

Since June when Russian crew members confirmed COVID-19 cases, there are no additional instances of infection found on Gamcheon Port workers. Yet BPA continually maintains a strict principle to prevent COVID-19 situations.

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