3. AIDA to start cruising on October 17
AIDA to start cruising on October 17

AIDA to start cruising on October 17

With new voyages visiting the highlights of Italy, beginning on Oct. 17 2020, AIDA Cruises will extend its range of cruises this fall.


Thus the German brand of Carnival moves its restart from November to October.

The new seven-day itinerary departs from Civitavecchia near Rome and passes through Sicily, Naples and La Spezia to Palermo and Catania. There is an overnight stay scheduled in Rome. AIDA has not stated which vessel will be put in service first.

The travels are offered weekly until November 28, 2020.

AIDA had previously confirmed its fall and winter program for 2020 and 2021, sending AIDAmar to the Canary Islands from 1 November 2020, followed by AIDAperla 7 November, taking over the AIDAnova program originally planned.

From Las Palmas, the AIDAmar will sail, while the AIDAperla will use Tenerife for turnarounds in addition to Las Palmas.

AIDA is also preparing to launch its service with AIDAstella in the Western Mediterranean on Dec. 12, 2020, sailing seven-day cruises from Palma, Mallorca.

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