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BIMCO to open its fourth local office in London

BIMCO to open its fourth local office in London

At the beginning of 2021, BIMCO will open its fourth local office, this time in London.


The new office will support the organization's regulatory affairs activities, with Dr Bev Mackenzie assuming the position of Permanent Representative of BIMCO to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on 1 February and reporting to Deputy Secretary General Lars Robert Pedersen at the Copenhagen headquarters.

“Opening an office in London is a logical next step for BIMCO. To serve our member’s interest the best we can, BIMCO needs to maintain even closer relations with people, companies and organisations in one of the world’s key shipping hubs,” stated BIMCO president, Sadan Kaptanoglu.

The broader aim of the new presence in London is to increase capacity in an increasingly significant area of policy and regulation. Dr. Mackenzie will ensure a more proactive partnership with the IMO Secretariat in London and will contribute to the application of her marine scientific expertise and experience to the Marine Environment Team of BIMCO.

Near the IMO headquarters on the Albert Embankment in London, the new BIMCO office is located. When the pandemic subsides, the office will also act as a platform for BIMCO workers visiting London.

In 2019, BIMCO opened an office in Athens and has had offices in Shanghai and Singapore, respectively, since 2013 and 1996.

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