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  3. FlexFueler 002 LNG bunkering barge delivered
FlexFueler 002 LNG bunkering barge delivered

FlexFueler 002 LNG bunkering barge delivered

In order to help the shipping industry in its transition to cleaner operations in the Antwerp port and area, Fluxys and Titan LNG have designed the FlexFueler 002 LNG bunkering barge.


As of February 2021, the vessel will make liquefied natural gas (LNG) more commonly available from its home site at Quay 526/528 as an alternative shipping fuel.

Regulations on the sulphur content of shipping fuel have become tighter and in the near future, new environmental restrictions will be imposed.

As an alternative fuel for shipping, LNG has become increasingly attractive: it instantly reduces sulphur and particulate emissions to negligible levels while significantly reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides.

In the port of Antwerp, the FlexFueler 002 and the other LNG bunkering infrastructure have the advantage of not needing additional investment to provide entirely carbon-neutral options.

As the long-term bunkering barge operator, Titan LNG is optimistic that liquefied biogas (from organic waste) or liquefied synthetic methane (from green hydrogen and captured CO2) will be made available to LNG-powered vessels shortly after the barge commences operations in February 2021.

The benefit of the FlexFueler 002 is its flexibility. Inland waterway vessels and coasters would have the option of bunkering with LNG wherever their cargo is loaded or unloaded.

The bunkering barge will operate from Quay 526/528, where a permanent bunkering point for inland waterway vessels is run by Fluxys, enabling truck-to-ship bunkering and Titan LNG.

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