3. Australia works on $270b military defense plan
Australia works on $270b military defense plan

Australia works on $270b military defense plan

Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds and Minister of Defense Industry Melissa Price announced $75 billion in investment in the Royal Australian Navy over the next decade as part of the Commonwealth's record $270 billion in defence.


This major investment builds on the Government's 2017 Naval Shipbuilding Programme, and will improve the warfare capabilities of Australia during its operations.

Following today's announcement in the 2020 Force Structure Plan of new procurement and expansion proposals, the Naval Shipbuilding Programme now includes more than 70 vessels to be constructed in Australia, with further opportunities to come.

Defense Minister Linda Reynolds clarified that the plans of Defense to develop, upgrade and adapt its naval force will change as the future geo-strategic climate evolves.

“For our Navy, the five cornerstones of contemporary naval power – strategic deterrence, sea control, decisive lethality, projection of power ashore and naval presence – remain central to our force design,” Minister Reynolds said. 

Through the Force Structure Plan, the Morrison government will be investing in the following additional shipbuilding programs:

  • Six new Cape Class patrol boats built in Western Australia;
  • Up to eight new mine countermeasure and hydrographic survey vessels built here in Australia, with consideration for the vessels to be based on Navy’s Arafura design;
  • Two new Australian-built multi-role sea-lift and replenishment ships;
  • A replacement for the Young Endeavour youth scheme sail training vessel, built in Australia;
  • Replacements for the Navy landing craft, carried by the LHD;
  • A new vessel to support the Pacific Step-Up, built in Australia;
  • The replacement for ADV Ocean Protector;
  • A large salvage and repair vessel; and
  • Construction of Army landing craft and riverine patrol vessels.

The government has already begun construction of nine new vessels at Henderson and Osborne since the publication of the Naval Shipbuilding Program, and has delivered six Guardian Class patrol boats to six separate Pacific island countries.

The government will also continue to invest in: new improvements to the destroyers from the Hobart Class, frigates from the Anzac Class and amphibious ships from the Navy; the construction of the future destroyer; as well as enhancements and life extensions to the submarines from the Collins Class.

Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said, “Building on our earlier commitments, these new naval vessels to be built right here in Australia will further strengthen our shipbuilding capability.”

More information on the opportunities for Australia's shipbuilding industry will be included in an update to the Naval Shipbuilding Plan published later this year by the government.

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