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  3. Amsterdam Port opens First hydrogen filling station
Amsterdam Port opens First hydrogen filling station

Amsterdam Port opens First hydrogen filling station

The OrangeGas filling station is situated on the Australihavenweg, along the A5 motorway, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


HVO100 and LBG will be introduced later, along with hydrogen, bio-CNG (green gas), energy, and liquid CO2. HVO100 is a synthetic fuel made entirely from leftovers from the processing of vegetable oils and fats. Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG) is a form of liquefied biogas.

The hydrogen filling station has a variety of clients, including the city of Amsterdam.

Their target is to provide 20 hydrogen-powered vehicles in two years, in partnership with seven other port companies. Hydrogen-powered taxis and private individuals are already on the route.

In the coming years, the Port of Amsterdam will rely on hydrogen. We will need not only renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy, but also bio- and synthetic fuels, as well as hydrogen, to achieve a climate-neutral society by 2050. This hydrogen station is only one of the many projects in which the Port of Amsterdam is supporting and/or investing. Driving on hydrogen generates no emissions.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier rather than a fuel. The cars are fueled with hydrogen, which is then transformed into electricity by a fuel cell inside the vehicle.

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