3. ABB introduces new emissions monitoring system
ABB introduces new emissions monitoring system

ABB introduces new emissions monitoring system

A new ABB pollution monitoring system is designed to help the maritime industry comply with the emissions regulations that have come into force in 2020.


The low emission limits of sulphur and nitrous oxide in the regulations of the International Maritime Organization became effective worldwide in January 2020. ABB's CEMcaptain is designed to help owners and operators comply with the new regulations, as well as to improve on-board protection with measurement and digital capabilities, to optimize processes and dramatically reduce ownership costs.

In a standalone cabinet, the system combines analyzer modules and sample handling elements. Equipped with the renowned non-dispersive IR gas analyzer by ABB, CEMcaptain tests sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in line with legislative criteria simultaneously and continuously. To allow for continuous CO2/SO2 measurement of different streams, each analyzer has two separate gas paths.

ABB said the rapid reporting, diagnosis and repair of faults was achieved through on-site and remote digital services that help operators bring their gas analysis instrumentation closer to 100 percent availability. The ABB CEMcaptain device display panel integrates complex QR codes. All relevant diagnostic data can be retrieved via a scanned code from the analyzer and transferred to ABB support.

“ABB has more than 60,000 Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) installed in over 100 countries that help monitor our environment,” stated Stephen Gibbons, ABB’s Head of Product Management in Continuous Gas Analyzers.

This means that maritime instrumentation technicians can give the ABB service expert real-time information in order to obtain urgent advice on proper maintenance. For real-time solutions to issues, ABB Ability Remote Assistance with safe access direct to ABB help is also provided.

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