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  3. Youredi seeks for participants for its new Rapids Program
Youredi seeks for participants for its new Rapids Program

Youredi seeks for participants for its new Rapids Program

Youredi, the maritime and logistics system integrations specialist, announced its new program intended to help companies manage a range of issues related to data management and connectivity to partners.


The program, called Rapids, enables businesses to use templates that Youredi will develop to assist with data aggregation, data quality, and integration of partners.

Rapids also aims to allow businesses, by integrating them with external applications, to expand the functionality of existing systems, such as transport management.

"We believe that global logistics is too inefficient. We pay too much for our goods, and the climate suffers. Everyone must have equal access to logistics services and transparent information. Youredi’s mission is to offer data integration as a utility, like electricity or an internet connection. Youredi Rapids is our answer to how to make it happen," Youredi CEO Jaakko Elovaara stated.

Rapids aims to resolve the problems of data aggregation faced by shippers, third-party logistics providers, shipping lines, and terminals, while also addressing issues of data quality, including how a system can respond to incorrect data.

"By participating in the Youredi Rapids Beta Program, you will get an opportunity to access Youredi's unique solutions before the rest of the industry. Utilizing those, you will get a chance to reach your targets and overcome your biggest integration challenges," the company announced in a statement.

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