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  3. Yanmar opens new branch in near Dubai Airport
Yanmar opens new branch in near Dubai Airport

Yanmar opens new branch in near Dubai Airport

Japanese engine manufacturer Yanmar said its Middle East branch, based in the United Arab Emirates, near Dubai Airport, will soon open a new parts warehouse.


The Middle East Branch began operating in the Dubai Airport Free Zone in January 2019, providing dealers in the Middle East area of Yanmar with sales, service support and training.

The new site is run by the Yanmar subsidiary and Asia regional headquarters, Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Co Ltd., serving both Yanmar 's marine pleasure and marine commercial engine businesses in the Middle East region.

The new parts warehouse will enable the rapid supply of emergency parts from October 2020 and improve relationships with customers.

"The establishment of this middle east office and new warehouse brings us closer to our customers and lets us respond with the speed that our customers expect. These offices and facilities demonstrate Yanmar’s long term commitment to growth and expansion of business in the Middle East," said Ismail Nafiu, Branch Manager. 

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