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  3. World’s largest civilian hospital vessel nears delivery
World’s largest civilian hospital vessel nears delivery

World’s largest civilian hospital vessel nears delivery

Designed at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard in northern China, the Global Mercy, the world's biggest civilian hospital ship, is reaching completion.


After transportation to Africa, Mercy Ships, the international charity that ordered the vessel, expects it to enter service by the end of 2021.

The second hospital ship, Global Mercy, will join Mercy Ship's Africa Mercy, which has been operating in Africa since 2007.

The design, contracting, and construction oversight of the complex vessel was the responsibility of Stena RoRo. The project involves many European , American, and Asian subcontractors, in addition to the Chinese shipyard.

Moreover, the ventilation system has been specially adapted and the emphasis has been put on minimizing noise and vibration.

In order to be able to take on containers with supplies, vehicles and other machinery, the ship is fitted with massive cranes as the ship is to be used in port for long periods of time.

There will be four Wärtsilä 32 engines powering the ship. A five-year maintenance arrangement for services will also be given by Wärtsilä.

"As COVID-19 threatens the stability of already fragile healthcare systems globally, the need to provide accessible, life-saving surgical care is greater than ever. The Global Mercy represents a unique call to support the strengthening of healthcare systems in Africa on behalf of the most vulnerable,” comments Rosa Whitaker, President for Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships said more than 40,000 medical professionals have been qualified, more than 100 health facilities have been upgraded, and more than 1,000 community projects have been implemented in Africa over the past decade.

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