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Virgin reveals smart wearable technology

Virgin reveals smart wearable technology

Virgin Voyages revealed their wearable technology that will unlock adventures for passengers sailing on cruises aboard the Scarlet Lady once it debuts April 1.


The Band has been developed in a partnership with Bionic, an engineering company committed to addressing plastic pollution in marine and coastal environments. Virgin said it has created the travel industry’s next-level smart wearable technology that is equal parts functional and stylish. The lightweight accessory is nautically inspired and can be taken home by guests as a post-voyage keepsake.

“Normally these tech devices scream that they are a tech piece through the use of bright silicones and plastics,” said Jamie Douglas, manager of design, for Virgin Voyages. “We wanted the wearable to feel like a non-technology piece, making it as discreet as possible through the material choices.”

Brought to life via a partnership with BIONIC Yarn, a material engineering leader who is committed to addressing plastic pollution in coastal and marine environments, Virgin Voyages created the next-level smart wearable technology in the travel industry that is equal parts stylish and functional. The eco-chic, lightweight accessory is nautically inspired. It can be taken home as a post-cruise keepsake by all Sailors.

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