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  3. USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to home after 6-months
USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to home after 6-months

USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to home after 6-months

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) returned to San Diego on July 9, marking the conclusion of their deployment to the operations area of the US 7th Fleet.


More than 6,000 sailors from Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group and embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 11 deployed Jan. 17 to conduct Indo-Pacific operations and maintain regional security and stability.

Theodore Roosevelt sailed more than 31,835 nautical miles, constantly rotating to support dual-carrier operations, expeditionary task force operations, air defense exercises and interoperability exercises for joint service.

USS Theodore Roosevelt made a historic port visit to Da Nang, Vietnam, only the second time since the Vietnam War that a U.S. aircraft carrier has visited the country, commemorating 25 years of U.S.-Vietnam diplomatic relations.

In early March, USS Theodore Roosevelt had a coronavirus outbreak and pulled into Guam prior to a planned port visit.

Theodore Roosevelt responded quickly and transferred more than half of the crew off the ship strategically to quarantine at different locations on Guam, leaving enough sailors on board to stand vital watches and clean and sanitize the ship.

Theodore Roosevelt conducted a variety of training classes promoting sound decisions and safety to ensure the success of the deployment extends beyond their return to homeport. The information given in the classes lets individual sailors and their families know what to expect when they return to their homeport.

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