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  3. USCG rescues 18 fishermen off Galapagos Islands
USCG rescues 18 fishermen off Galapagos Islands

USCG rescues 18 fishermen off Galapagos Islands

After their vessel sunk about 300 miles north of the Galapagos Islands, the US Coast Guard collaborated with a merchant tanker to rescue 18 Ecuadorian fishermen.


The Eleventh Coast Guard District Rescue Coordination Center in Alameda, California, received an EPIRB warning from an unknown vessel north of the Galapagos Islands at 0430 on Friday morning.

District watchmen called for an aerial view of the scene and told the authorities in Ecuador that they were beginning to look into the registration of the EPIRB.

The Coast Guard, using the AMVER system, called for marine assistance.

The Hai Soon 26 product tanker, which was located approximately 70 nm north of the beacon position, replied that they were prepared to redirect and provide assistance.

In the meantime, Ecuadorian response officials heard that the vessel in distress was the Romeo fishing vessel, which with 18 people on board, was collecting water.

At around 11000 hours, the support aircraft arrived on stage and located the capsized vessel and life raft. Hai Soon 26 was led by the air crew to the scene.

During the ship's upcoming port call, the Ecuadorian nationals will disembark the Hai Soon 26 in Panama, and the Coast Guard will coordinate with the Ecuadorian State Department to repatriate the survivors.

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