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  3. U.S. Shipbuilders Council announced Shipyard Safety Awards
U.S. Shipbuilders Council announced Shipyard Safety Awards

U.S. Shipbuilders Council announced Shipyard Safety Awards

The Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA), a national organization representing the American shipyard industry, today announced the 2020 annual safety award for shipyards.


SCA recognizes shipyards and repair organizations with the "Excellence in Safety" Award and the "Improvement in Safety" Award each year to improve operations and encourage health and accident prevention.

In the past few years , the industry has seen a gradual decrease in the total recordable incident rate, with the highest drop occurring in 2019.

Health professionals in the sector are starting to introduce new security strategies. The culture of safety and having employees at the forefront of their efforts has ensured that the industry has been able to respond to the challenges raised by COVID-19 so far in 2020, while at the same time protecting all stakeholders and keeping routine operations up to speed.

“American shipyards are dedicated to not only achieving the highest safety standards of any heavy manufacturing industry but are also leading in advancing safety practices. The shipyard industry is no stranger to the essential protective equipment our nation and world has become accustomed to which allowed for our hardworking essential workforce to continue operating during COVID-19. On behalf of the 650,000 members of the American maritime industry, we salute the shipyards and repair facilities for their continuous dedication to the health and safety of our workforce,” said SCA president Matthew Paxton.

The following shipyards have been honored for their safety activities this year:

Receiving both the “Excellence in Safety” and “Improvement in Safety” Awards:

  • BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair (Jacksonville, Fla.)
  • Boston Ship Repair, a division of Northeast Ship Repair (Boston, Mass.)
  • Fincantieri Marinette Marine (Marinette, Wisc.)
  • Southwest Shipyard LP (Channelview, Texas)
  • Técnico Corporation (Hampton Roads, Va.)
  • BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair (San Diego, Calif.)

Receiving the “Excellence in Safety” Award:

  • Metal Shark (Franklin, La.)
  • Bollinger Shipyards (Lockport, La.)
  • BAE Norfolk Ship Repair (Norfolk, Va.)

Receiving the “Improvement in Safety” Award:

  • MHI Ship Repair & Services (Hampton Roads, Va.)
  • BAE Hawaii (Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
  • Philadelphia Ship Repair, a division of Northeast Ship Repair (Philadelphia, Penn.)
  • Conrad Industries (Morgan City, La.

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