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  3. U.S. appoints Jim DeHart as coordinator for the Arctic Region
U.S. appoints Jim DeHart as coordinator for the Arctic Region

U.S. appoints Jim DeHart as coordinator for the Arctic Region

The State Department has named Jim DeHart as the Arctic region's U.S. Coordinator.


As the chief advisor to the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary on all Arctic matters, DeHart will lead and coordinate the policy-making and diplomatic engagement of the Department on Arctic-related issues to advance US security and security interests in the region, sustainable economic development, and cooperation among Arctic states.

Mr. DeHart holds the title of Minister Counselor and is a 28-year Senior Foreign Service career member. Most recently he served as the Senior Security Negotiations and Agreements Advisor from 2019-2020, where he led the worldwide negotiation of force status, military cooperation, and burden-sharing arrangements.

Mr. DeHart previously served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Oslo, Norway, with extended term as Chargé d'Affaires. He brings extensive global security expertise, civil-military collaboration and international negotiations. His career has been characterized by strong cooperation with U.S. friends and partners in pursuing our common goals and values.

The United States plays a vital leadership role in Arctic issues within the international community, and remains committed to maintaining a stable area where U.S. interests are safeguarded, the U.S. homeland is secured, and Arctic States collaborate to resolve shared challenges.

The State Department works with state and local government and indigenous communities throughout the federal government to maintain US leadership in the region to ensure a clean, stable, and sustainable future for all Arctic peoples. Jim DeHart 's appointment reaffirms United States commitment to that mission.

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