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  3. Titanic wreck has been revealed after 14 years
Titanic wreck has been revealed after 14 years

Titanic wreck has been revealed after 14 years

It is the first Titanic dive in 14 years. The ship that symbolizes the luxury was found in the process of being swallowed up by the ocean and conquered by metal-eating bacteria.


After a series of five dives, an international team of deep-sea explorers surveyed the sunken ship, which lies 3,800m down in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship sank in 1912 when it hit an iceberg, leading to the deaths of 1,517 of the 2,223 people on board.

A team of researches, scientists and a National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration representative captured the images and videos of the 107-year-old wreck with special cameras. The dives have been filmed by Atlantic Productions for a planned documentary.

Strong ocean livings, salt corrosion and metal-eating bacteria are attacking the ship.

"The most fascinating aspect was seeing how the Titanic is being consumed by the ocean and returning to its elemental form while providing refuge for a remarkably diverse number of animals," stated Patrick Lahey, the president of Triton Submarines.

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