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  3. The World's First Maritime NFT Collection 'VENTOVERSE' Launched On April 29
The World's First Maritime NFT Collection 'VENTOVERSE' Launched On April 29

The World's First Maritime NFT Collection 'VENTOVERSE' Launched On April 29

Announced on the 10th Anniversary of Vento Shipping, NFT Collection-Ventoverse has published on April 29.


Announced on the 10th Anniversary of Vento Shipping, NFT Collection-Ventoverse has published on April 29. Defined as "Investing in the Environment", the project's originator is Vento Shipping’s Co-founder Seçkin Yılmaz. Also supported enthusiastically by the company's other partner, Teoman Mustafa Akyol, Captain Seçkin Yılmaz told the unknowns about the collection, which consist of 1,973 ships of eight different types. 

Seçkin Yılmaz emphasized that about 5 months ago, during his chat with several close acquaintances that were in the NFT ecosystem, he asked questions about the NFTs he had frequently heard about recently and that the responses he got were very intriguing. “My acquaintances had long served NFT buyers and vendors, and supported international companies in Web3-based projects” said Yılmaz.“During this conversation, I dreamed of building a fleet of NFT ships of different ship types on different seas. And what we've done is we have discovered that a shipping company has never done this kind of collection in the world. We were very excited by the fact that this idea has never been made before and we quickly started to prepare our collection by choosing our ship types, our flags and colours from the group we call the white flag.”



Underlining that they attach great importance to having a story for the collection they have created, Seçkin Yılmaz emphasized that the reason they chose the number 1973 was that they wanted to raise awareness by referring to the MARPOL Convention accepted by IMO in 1973. He said, “When we thought about how we can be usefulwith this project, the idea of supporting the fight against sea pollution - the bleeding wound of the industry - got the people like us, who love and care about the sea, quite excited. Our collection consists of 1,973 ships of eight different types of commercial vessels known in our industry, from General Cargo to LNG, to Cruise ships to Bulk Carriers.

“There are some special ships in the collection. The number of these special ships are 10 as total. Honestly, I call them the “icon ships”. For example, there are 2 icon ships among the first 100 ships which launched on April 29. One of them is the Titanic, and the other one is the Bandırma Ferry, which means a lot to us. In short, these 10 NFTs are the ships that have marked the history of the world maritime and altered thedestinies.”


“The NFTs are being used as an investment instrument in digital media,” said Yılmaz. “If our Ventoverse NFT collection gets the attention as we want, which we believe so, some of the proceeds will go to the companies and non-governmental organizations that fight against sea pollution. We are in contact with national and international companies that are fighting against sea pollution to explain our project and share our goals with them. Our biggest motivation is to clean up, keep clean, and raise awareness about the sea and oceans that we consider our home. 
NFT ship collection is available now on our website www.ventoverse.com
Our first stage is to get 100 ships finding their digital shipowners. And then we will be completing 1,973 ships, step by step, with the ships from 101 to 250. Full details of the process is available at our www.ventoverse.comwebsite and social media accounts.”

Vento Shipping Co-Founder Seçkin Yılmaz also provided information on the prices of ships in the collection.He said, “All price details have been indicated in an agreement called ‘Smart Contract’ on the Ethereum network on published date of our project. Progress throughout the project will continue in line with the commitments to this “Smart Contract”. With each step of the project, the prices will rise over the previous step;which means early participation in the project would be more advantageous. 
For example, the first 100 ships prices of 0.04 ETH(around 150 usd -depends to parity- together with gas fee), while the price for the 101stto 250thships will be 0.06 ETH. The next stage will continue at 0.08 ETH. 
All details have given on website.



Seçkin Yılmaz pointed out that the returns they received after the announcement of the project far exceeded their expectations.He said, “Although we are now getting used to this hybrid order, the new generation is very interested in, and in good command of, these issues. We believe that innovative companies, young people and all of our sea-loving colleagues will be involved in the project. 
Not just the maritime industry, but all the innovative bigplayers of the industry are creating their NFT collections or participating in different digital works. And it's not a secret, really, that we read about the innovative news of the big players every day. If you think we have a social goal, we believe we're taking this innovative step at the right time.

Yılmaz continued:“Frankly, we expect to create a huge awareness. Our seas are getting worse and worse every day. It's not just limited to the seas, but climate change has negative effects in different parts of the world. If we do not want to leave a bad future for our children, we must fulfil our obligations individually and institutionally, and do our best for a more liveable world.”

Seçkin Yılmaz concluded his statement saying that he believes our national and international maritime community should support such projects and work on different projects aimed at the future of our world.

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