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BTMCo Will Resonate In The Heart Of The Maritime World

BTMCo Will Resonate In The Heart Of The Maritime World

We have exciting news for maritime enthusiasts... In 2024, BTMCo will take part in the most important fairs of the industry and bring the maritime world together. These fairs will offer a unique opportunity to discover innovations, examine products and me


PARSUN F300 Excitement Awaits Maritime Enthusiasts at Mast Izmir

Mast Izmir Boat Show, which sea enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for, will take place in Izmir between May 1-5, 2024. Parsun is among the important names that will take part in this fair. The company will continue its participation with a similar energy as in the Bosphorus Boat Show held last February. Parsun, BTMboat, Explomar and COX brands will be exhibited at this special booth.


One of the most exciting introductions this year will be Parsun's new model F300. Ready to rule the seas, the F300 is Parsun's largest outboard motor ever. Always open to innovations, Parsun will bring a breath of fresh air to the sector with the F300 model. Don't forget to visit BTMCo/Parsun booth to dominate the seas with the F300.


VegaPowerGen, PARSUN, and BTMboat: The Meeting Point for Maritime Enthusiasts at Internautica Boat Show!

Internautica Boat Show, which will take place in Slovenia from May 16 to 19, 2024, is preparing to offer an unforgettable experience to maritime enthusiasts with its booth equipped with VegaPowerGen, PARSUN, and BTMboat products, in collaboration with BTMCo - BTMadriatic.

VegaPowerGen's extensive range of products is ambitious in meeting the needs of every sailor with power options ranging from 15 kVA to 150 kVA. Recognized for its emphasis on quality and reliability, VegaPowerGen will continue to be the most reliable partner for sailors in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara, and Adriatic Seas.

These products, combining the powerful performance of PARSUN engines and the durability of BTMboat, await you at Internautica Boat Show to turn maritime enthusiasts' dreams into reality.


BTMCo and BTMiberia Join Forces at Navalia 2024 Exhibition

Between May 21-23, 2024, the heart of the maritime world beats in Spain at the Navalia International Shipbuilding Exhibition. BTMCo and BTMiberia are ready to attract all eyes by taking part in this exciting exhibition.

BTMCo's strength and BTMiberia's wide range of services in the Iberian Peninsula will come together to offer seafarers an unforgettable experience. Both inboard and outboard marine engines will dazzle at the fair, and BTMiberia's team of experts is ready to assist seafarers in every aspect.

BTMCo's 2024 exhibition program is the ideal platform for you to discover maritime innovations and meet with brands. Keep your finger on the pulse of the maritime world and expand your horizons with BTMCo at the world's most important fairs.

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