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The Marine Group expands its dredging capabilities

The Marine Group expands its dredging capabilities

The Harbor Management Division of the Marine Group has extended its dredging capabilities with the recent completion of its CMS Seaka custom designed water injection dredger.


The Marine Group has invested in the development of a more effective and highly efficient machine that adopts the same environmentally friendly water injection technology following the implementation of CMS Innovation.

In 2018, the Marine Group bought CMS Seaka as a Multicat.  The vessel was then thoroughly rebuilt by OSD-IMT and updated by the original builders, GRA ltd and Cardiff Diesel Services, the in-house engineering team of the company.

The new design will allow the team to dredge in higher amounts and more effectively than previous operations. The vessel also houses a Sulzer A53-200 pump capable of pumping water at a rate of up to 330L per second, while the Seaka is operated by a Doosan V158TI engine. The 5 m boom contains 27 outlets, dredging up to 450m3 / hr, that have been built to provide maximum performance.

The group claimed that the commissioning of Seaka is part of its continuing commitment to Burry Port Marina's growth and development.

Although dredging for water injection has been used continuously to build channels and berths in the marina, CMS Seaka will speed up the process of bringing Burry Port back to its position as the jewel of the Carmarthenshire coast from a forgotten sailing destination, the company said.

If not operating on the various marinas of The Marine Group around Wales, Seaka will be available to provide customers across the country with dredging.

“Seaka was designed and built to keep small harbors and marinas viable with a cost effective dredging solution,” stated Rob Freemantle, Director of Operations.

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