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  3. The European Maritime Force supports NATO’s Operation
The European Maritime Force supports NATO’s Operation

The European Maritime Force supports NATO’s Operation

The French frigate Courbet began as a flagship of NATO's Sea Guardian Operation (OSG) along with ITS Carabiniere in direct support of the European Maritime Force.


The European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) is a non-standing, multinational military force created by France , Italy , Spain and Portugal, and may be employed within the framework of other international organizations such as the UN, NATO, OSCE or other multinational coalitions as long as the four partner nations agree.

This is the second time that EUROMARFOR has contributed its assets to a NATO Operation, following the participation in Operation Active Endeavour in 2002. This is the first time that EUROMARFOR is engaged directly under NATO orders.

Under NATO orders, such units are supported directly by an Italian submarine. This Based Patrol is supported by the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two and surface units from France and Turkey. 

Basic air support is provided by Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPA) and Airborne Early Warning units from many NATO countries including Denmark, France , Greece, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Operation Sea Guardian is a non-Article 5 Maritime Security Program, collaborating with Mediterranean stakeholders to deter and combat terrorism, project stability and reduce the risk of other security threats to NATO allies and partners in the Mediterranean Sea and its environs. 

There are three core missions of OSG: maritime situational awareness, counter-terrorism, and capacity development.

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