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  3. Hyundai launches 4th Daegu-Class FFX Batch II Frigate
Hyundai launches 4th Daegu-Class FFX Batch II Frigate

Hyundai launches 4th Daegu-Class FFX Batch II Frigate

ROKS Donghae (FFG-822), the fourth Daegu class FFX Batch II frigate for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy), was launched by Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea. The event was held on April 29, at Ulsan's HHI shipyard.


DSME built first class ship, ROKS Daegu. It was launched in June 2016, and commissioned on 6 March 2018 with the ROK Navy. ROKS Gyeongnam, the second class container, was launched in June 2019, and was also designed by DSME.

Last November saw the launch of the third FFX Batch II Frigate, ROKS Seoul. HHI designed the third and fourth class frigates.

For the South Korean fleet, a total of eight frigates of this type, also known as the Incheon-class batch II or FFG-II, will be built by both DSME and Hyundai Heavy Industries.

ROKS Donghae is expected to be commissioned in late 2021 with the ROK Navy.

There is also a plan to develop the third batch (FFX III) frigates which will displace more than 3,000 tons and feature a phased array radar.

Last month, HHI confirmed it had signed a contract to detail the design and construction of the 3,500 ton FFX Batch III frigate.

The frigates are an improved Incheon-class (FFX Batch I) version. The FFX Batch II frigates displace 2,800 tons (3,593 tons full load) and they are 122 meters long, 14 meters wide and 34 meters high. 

The latest frigate features "advanced sonar and power systems in coastal operations to improve anti-submarine capabilities," according to the ROK Navy. The low frequency, passive sonar system SQR-250 K TASS is used to detect , identify and track enemy submarines. Its hybrid propulsion system reduces noise from underwater radiation which greatly enhances the vessel's anti-submarine capability.

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