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Swan Hellenic to return to cruising with two ships

Swan Hellenic to return to cruising with two ships

According to a press release, Swan Hellenic is returning to the cruise market, with two new expedition ships.


In Helsinki Shipyard Oy, Finland, two state-of-the-art expedition ships are being designed to provide 152 guests with an elegant, intimate, and personal onboard experience provided by 120 warm, polite, and knowledgeable staff, according to a release.

Previously Vodohod, a Russian river cruise company, had ordered the ships.

Swan Hellenic has some shareholders in common with Vodohod, while some are foreign investors, according to a spokesperson of the company. All brands operate and work independently.

Swan Hellenic will have its headquarters in Cyprus, and its Monaco operations branch.

“I am proud to announce the rebirth of Swan Hellenic a pioneering iconic travel brand with the mission to be the leader in cultural expedition cruising” The new Swan Hellenic, retains its British heritage whilst being international in outlook. Aimed at the traveller, who wishes to explore, experience and enrich whilst the infinite beauty of the world and its inhabitants in a safe and sustainable way," said Andrea Zito, Swan Hellenic’s CEO.

The company will launch with offices in Monaco, the UK and Germany to start with. The senior management team has more than 100 years of cruise industry experience led in the UK by John Warner (GAdventures/Trailfinders) and Mario Bounas (Royal Caribbean/The Langham), Alfredo Spadon in Germany (Silversea/MSC) and Andrea Zito in the Monaco Headquarters (Silversea/Vships).

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