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Brittany Ferries to launch new route in 2021

Brittany Ferries to launch new route in 2021

A completely new route connecting Rosslare with Cherbourg is to be added in 2021 to Rosslare's Rosslare Bilbao sailing which began earlier this year.


In 2021, Brittany Ferries confirmed plans to expand service out of both Rosslare and Cork. The step shows the company's long-term commitment to Ireland this season, given ongoing confusion regarding travel restrictions and quarantine conditions, and the impact this has on service viability.

The use of Connemara (for Rosslare) and Armorique (for Cork) will also be seen in the new sailings. The Amorique, in Ireland, is fresh. The Pont-Aven, one of the firm's flagship ferries will continue to operate the weekend's key Cork – Roscoff sailing.

The news comes on the day the company releases its 2021 sailing schedules linking the UK & Ireland with Spain.

Passenger reservations can now be made for services up to the end of October next year on the following routes:

  • Rosslare – Bilbao
  • Cork – Roscoff
  • Rosslare – Cherbourg

The new Rosslare Cherbourg connection promises more option on ships linking France and Ireland and greater efficiency.

Brittany Ferries launched a service earlier this year that links Rosslare with Bilbao and Roscoff. The twice-weekly Spanish rotations proved popular particularly for freight.

Irish and French hauliers have however asked Brittany Ferries to shift the weekly French rotation from Roscoff to Cherbourg's transport hub.

Brittany Ferries has agreed to their proposal and has now announced that Connemara will operate two weekly rotations from Rosslare to Bilbao and a daily rotation from Rosslare to Cherbourg as of March next year.

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