3. Svitzer chooses Turkey's Med Marine exclusive design tug
Svitzer chooses Turkey's Med Marine exclusive design tug

Svitzer chooses Turkey's Med Marine exclusive design tug

Med Marine and Svitzer, having signed a contract for two 30 m ice-breaking tugs last September for the Scandinavian operations of the world's leading Danish operator, are now shaking hands for one of the most requested tug models of Turkish shipbuilder.


It was last week when the new contract was signed. The vessel will serve in Svitzer 's German fleet (Hull Name: ER80) and delivery is scheduled for November 2020.

Robert Allan's RAmparts 2300-MM, designed specifically for Med Marine by the Canadian tug manufacturer, is a MED-A2360 series tug with distinctive bollard pull options.

The MED-A2360 series tugs are very common compared to other 60TBP models, as they are compact but sturdy and have better manoeuvrability, enabling the tug to provide versatility even in narrow and shallow ports.

For Svitzer's Scandinavian fleet, two ice-breaking tugs are being constructed and delivery is scheduled for early 2021. The tugs are the Canadian Robert Allan Ltd.'s TundRA 3000 style.

The design of the TundRA is made for tugs working in harsh winter weather, making it a perfect match for the North European fleet of Svitzer.

Svitzer has provided safety and support at sea since 1833, as part of Maersk, an integrated container distribution company working to link and simplify the supply chains of its customers from end to end.

The Danish group is the global market leader for towage and maritime related services with 4,000 staff, a fleet of more than 430 vessels and operations worldwide.

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