3. Stena Bulk introduces its new hybrid zero-emissions concept design
Stena Bulk introduces its new hybrid zero-emissions concept design

Stena Bulk introduces its new hybrid zero-emissions concept design

A Swedish shipowner with a track record of launching innovative new ships has unveiled a futuristic, eye-catching hybrid bulk carrier concept to the world.


Stena Bulk, one of the largest tanker companies in Scandinavia, unveiled its InfinityMAX model vessel design.

“The creation of standardised and modular cargo units that can carry dry bulk, liquid bulk or liquified gas products – such as methane, hydrogen or ammonia – will significantly streamline the process of transporting wet and dry bulk cargoes,” the company stated.

The zero-emission ship will hold both dry and wet cargoes in modular compartments, which Stena Bulk claims would have the same effect on shipping as the 1950s commercial for container shipping.

Stena Bulk claims that the InfinityMAX design improves global fleet utilization and the potential for more standardised supply chains, while also reducing the needless environmental effect of empty tanks being shipped around the world in search of new cargo.

Wind turbines and solar panels generate all of the electricity required for internal systems, making each of the InfinityMAX's modular cargo units fully self-sufficient in terms of energy usage.

The modular units were also planned to be dropped off outside of ports and picked up by tugs, eliminating traffic and greatly reducing call times. Hydrogen will be used as a marine fuel, and wind turbines will be used to generate additional energy in the InfinityMAX concept.

Collapsible wing sails and a shark skin hull have also been introduced into the concept design to increase performance significantly.

Stena Bulk has a long history of introducing new ship designs to the market, most recently with its MAX designs. Many more transformations are taking place at Stena, including plans to become the world's first decarbonisation exploration driller and the Stena Elektra, a futuristic-looking hybrid ferry.

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