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  3. Singapore launches eight new patrol vessels
Singapore launches eight new patrol vessels

Singapore launches eight new patrol vessels

The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) has announced the launch of eight new patrol vessels to help ensure navigation safety in the Port of Singapore.


Six new 17-metre vessels replace the current patrol boat fleet, which has been in operation since 2012, plus two additional 15-metre patrol launches for flag and port state control inspections, bunker and private wart inspections, and support for law enforcement patrols and response efforts during emergency situations.

The 17-metre patrol vessel will be fitted with the Intelligent Port Marine System to improve the maritime capabilities of the MPA to perform law enforcement patrols and respond to marine emergencies. With predictive capabilities, using both real-time and historical data, vessels can incorporate tailored compliance and response mitigation.

New patrol vessels have new surveillance technologies, such as multi-sensor underwater thermal cameras, chemical gas detectors and drones. -- patrol vessel also has a rescue boat equipped with a man overboard recovery system and towing capability for small boats to support search and rescue operations.

“The next-generation patrol craft and launches enhance our incident response capabilities and improve the operational effectiveness of our officers in conducting their work in the Port of Singapore. MPA consistently explores and adopts new technology to meet our operational needs and improve our frontline capabilities. The feedback we received from our officers were integral to the design of these vessels," Captain Kevin Wong, MPA’s Port Master, said.

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