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  3. Signed a partnership with AVS Global Ship Supply and SeaServ GmbH
Signed a partnership with AVS Global Ship Supply and SeaServ GmbH

Signed a partnership with AVS Global Ship Supply and SeaServ GmbH

We are pleased to announce you, our esteemed partners, the partnership of our company AVS Global Ship Supply and Management S.A. with SeaServ GmbH.


AVS has been active in the maritime industry over 30 years, making investments and realizing strategic partnerships. SeaServ, a German based company provides

global supply and catering services in the maritime industry. Further the company offers a maritime cloud for procurement, monitoring and reporting for vessels owners/managers, financial institutions as well as for insolvency administrators.

The amalgamation of the companies is a logical consequence of the changes in the maritime market as well as the perfect synergies of the upcoming company group.

The focus is, to establish their existing state of the art digital order and management tools globally to lead the maritime market to the 4.0 era combined with close personal 24/7 service for their customers. The collaboration of AVS and SeaServ will bundle and increase volumes to generate competitive solutions for the customers.

The company group offers its services with more than 85 very experienced, highly motivated staff to be ready at all time to fulfill the needs of the maritime market.

That includes a very strong IT company with experienced developers and programmers to guarantee the ongoing developing process to react on further changes in the market. Today the company grou poperates 300 vessel sunder catering services for provision and stores / consumables.

We hope that our common vision will increase the satisfaction of our valued partners and lead to even more sustainability and integrity.

Önceki ve Sonraki Haberler


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