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Seafarers UK becomes The Seafarers’ Charity

Seafarers UK becomes The Seafarers’ Charity

Since it promotes a more multicultural perspective, Seafarers UK has changed its name to The Seafarers' Charity. It has also released Thrive, a new approach aimed at identifying and solving the root causes of suffering and disadvantage for seafarers.


“The Seafarers’ Charity plays a leading national – and increasingly international – role supporting seafarers and their families. We must ensure that we can attract fundraising, to support the maritime welfare sector and work faster to address the root causes of disadvantage. Our evolved name along with our new strategy will enable the wider maritime sector to better understand how we can work together, with a range of industry and charity partners to improve outcomes for seafarers, which are so often out-of-sight and therefore out-of-mind," stated Paul Butterworth, chair of the charity’s general council.

Since 1917, the Seafarers' Charity has been the UK's national maritime charity.

The rebranding enhances the charity's latest Thrive plan, which was unveiled yesterday as an outcomes-driven approach to enhancing support for seafarers.

The Seafarers' Charity will concentrate on five specific strategic outcomes: financial resilience, improved working lives at sea, improved health and welfare, improved safety standards, and increased social justice.

The Seafarers' Charity offers grants to organisations and organizations that support seafarers who are disadvantaged and face hardship as a result of their work at sea.

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