3. Seacat orders two next-generation crew transfer vessels
Seacat orders two next-generation crew transfer vessels

Seacat orders two next-generation crew transfer vessels

Two next generation multi-hull crew transfer vessels (CTVs) were ordered by UK-based offshore energy support vessel operator Seacat Services.


The vessels, Seacat Columbia and Seacat Cambria, were planned, Seacat Services said, in collaboration with Chartwell Marine.

It is estimated that the first BARTech 30 CTV will be completed by the first quarter of 2022.

BAR Technologies and Chartwell Marine concentrated on creating fuel efficiency through a highly optimized multi-hull design while designing the boats, operating alongside the proprietary Foil Optimized Stability System (FOSS) of BAR Technologies.

Consequently, Seacat Columbia and Seacat Cambria will be among the first true Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) to serve the offshore wind industry, with overall emissions 30 % lower than traditional CTV models.

"After reviewing the latest options on the market, the BARTech 30 is the first one that has met and exceeded all of our requirements, embracing efficiency gains through design, instead of relying exclusively on hybrid propulsion," Ian Baylis, Managing Director, Seacat Services stated.

With FOSS, the ability of the vessels to reduce pitch and roll while reducing vertical acceleration at wave heights of 2.5 m would allow greater comfort during transit and enhanced performance drive during operations. When offshore wind farms move further out to sea, this is of the concern, forcing vessels to move further for longer while negotiating more demanding conditions.

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