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  3. Saga Dawn completed her 10th voyage
Saga Dawn completed her 10th voyage

Saga Dawn completed her 10th voyage

This past Monday, January 4, 2021, Saga Dawn successfully completed her 10th voyage.


Saga noted in its statement on Thursday that the 45,000-cbm tanker is the world's first LNG carrier featuring an IMO type A LNG containment system.

The milestone cargo was shipped to JOVO's Dongguan Terminal by Saga LNG Shipping's carrier Saga Dawn.

The ABS-classed, dual-fuel vessel, constructed at the Jiangsu yard of China Merchants Heavy Industry, is currently trading in Southeast Asia.

The vessel has been sailing in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China since its first voyage in April of last year.

The LNT ABOX cargo containment system of Saga LNG Shipping's vessel showed good performance during cooling down, loading and unloading operations and while sailing.

The company said in its statement that Saga Dawn has also worked at varying loading speeds and can allegedly load any amount of cargo without limitation.

“For 2021, our main focus is on growth and replicating the success of Saga Dawn. We are working on various newbuilding orders for our next projects to be placed within the first half of this year," commented David Wu, founder and CEO of Saga LNG Shipping.

Saga LNG Shipping is currently developing an LNG carrier design of 80,000 cubic meters, aimed at regional imports to Chinese terminals.

For its shallow draft 40,000 cubic metres Wuhu Max, 28,500 cubic metres Wuhan Max and 12,000 cubic metres Yichang Max designs aimed at opening up trade along the Yangtze River in China, Saga has further developed and acquired approvals in principle.

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