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  3. Princess Cruises confirms 41 coronavirus cases
Princess Cruises confirms 41 coronavirus cases

Princess Cruises confirms 41 coronavirus cases

Japanese authorities have so far tested 273 people on board the Diamond Princess, which was quarantined after a former passenger, who disembarked in Hong Kong last month, was diagnosed with the virus.


Princess Cruises has confirmed the nationalities of the 41 people who were tested positive for Coronavirus are from Argentina (1), Australia (5), Canada (5), Japan (21), United Kingdom (1) and United States (8).

“The results of the remaining 171 tests came out and 41 tested positive,” Health Minister Katsunobu Kato told reporters.

During the remainder of the time on board, guests will continue to be provided complimentary internet and telephone service to stay in contact with their family and loved ones. In addition, we have added additional live TV channels and a large selection of in-room movies available in multiple languages.

Kazuhiro Tateda, president of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases, said the new coronavirus appears to be similar to easily spread viruses that cause the common cold.

Some passengers in windowless cabins have been allowed to take walks on upper decks, wearing gloves and face masks and keeping their distance from each other as a precaution against the possible spread of the virus, according to announcements on the ship.

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