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Port of Gothenburg remains open despite Covid-19

Port of Gothenburg remains open despite Covid-19

The Port of Gothenburg is continuing to track very closely the spread of coronavirus, the company said in its statement. Ongoing organizational changes are being made.


The Gothenburg Port Authority has agreed to request a Maritime Safety Declaration from all vessels calling at the Port of Göteborg in response to the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, Port of Göteborg has implemented a job rotation scheme to minimize the spread of the infection and ensure vessel calls and freight handling and keep the port running as usual.

The Maritime Health Declaration stipulates that if a vessel announces that a crew member or passenger on board is ill and has been in a danger zone identified by the WHO, the port's quarantine program will be triggered and an infectious disease physician will be called. The doctor then conducts a medical risk assessment.

The port is in constant touch with doctors of infectious diseases in the area of Västra Götaland. Requesting a Maritime Health Declaration for all ships calling at the port has proven successful and will continue until further notice. 

Nevertheless, the situation for cruise ships is different as opposed to a freight vessel, due to the large number of passengers and crew members.

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