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  3. Port of Busan partially shut down due to a suspicious Russian ship
Port of Busan partially shut down due to a suspicious Russian ship

Port of Busan partially shut down due to a suspicious Russian ship

In the morning of 21 June a Russian reefer vessel entered Busan Port with 21 crew members, including 16 who tested COVID-19 positively.


A total of 160 people are currently under quarantine in relation to the ship, including members of the Port & Transport Worker's Union Busan Federation who carried out the unloading on the ship. The federation, the Busan Port Authority and the local quarantine station suspended the operation of the Gamcheon Port east dock, where the infection took place.

The Gamcheon Port has docks west, east, and middle, and currently there are 67 ships at the port. The east dock is used for Russian imports of frozen marine products. A total of 23 vessels, 11 of them reefer boats, are at the port.

The Port of Busan's Gamcheon Port has 340 unloading staff handling reefer freight.

Currently 124 are under quarantine on two Russian ships after their unloading operation. Unloading is currently halted at the east dock for the health of everyone.

Related federation members and crew members will be able to check their COVID-19 test results on June 24 and 25, along with whether they can return to work.

The 11 reefer vessels are expected to undergo disinfection and additional quarantine inspection. Furthermore, every incoming Russian reefer vessel must undergo quarantine inspection.

"Fears of the coronavirus epidemic are rapidly spreading among citizens in Busan," Yonhap news agency reported.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun has also asked officials to be on full alert over infection risks at seaports and airports.

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