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  3. Philippines doubts over domestic IMO regulations
Philippines doubts over domestic IMO regulations

Philippines doubts over domestic IMO regulations

The Filipino Shipowners Association (FSA) stated that the Philippines’ domestic sector may not be ready to comply with the IMO regulations governing sulphur cap beginning January 2020.


The chairman and president of the Filipino Shipowners Association, Dario Alampay reported that they faced several difficulties as there was not enough compliant fuel oil across the archipelago.

“I sit with the Marina board. Knowing that oil companies in the Philippines will not be ready to have this compliant- fuel, I told Marina to ask the IMO to give us allowance to comply with it. If we import, there are resources available. That’s what oil companies supplying bunker fuel will do, eventually, if Marina would say they should comply, otherwise it will impose penalties,” Alampay said.

Moreover, the Association's president made his suggestion to put fines to the oil refineries rather that the owners, in case they are found to not be supplying enough quantities of low sulphur fuel, from the start of the next year.

The Philippines has signed the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ships (MARPOL Convention). Annex VI sets progressive stricter regulations in order to control emissions from ships, including sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrous oxides (NOx) – which present major risks to both the environment and human health.

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