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  3. ONE Apus departs from Kobe after 98 days
ONE Apus departs from Kobe after 98 days

ONE Apus departs from Kobe after 98 days

The 14,000 teu ONE Apus departed today after 98 days at a quayside in Kobe, bound for California once more.


In a season where several ships lost cargoes overboard in the Pacific, the magenta-hulled vessel was this winter's most high-profile box spill event.

On November 30, the ONE Apus, which is part of the Ocean Network Express (ONE) fleet, was caught in gale-force winds and wide swells 1,600 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii, leading to the loss of about 1,800 boxes into the ocean and several more destroyed on deck.

The ship, which was launched in 2019, then turned around and headed for Japan, where box discharging and vessel repairs have been underway since December 8.

The accident is expected to result in insurance claims of more than $100 million. The ship is now expected to dock on March 30 in Long Beach.

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