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  3. Nor-Shipping 2021 postponed due to COVID-19
Nor-Shipping 2021 postponed due to COVID-19

Nor-Shipping 2021 postponed due to COVID-19

Nor-Shipping's maritime industry conference has agreed to cancel its June 2021 schedule, moving the event back to January 10-13, 2022.


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Nor-Shipping has opted to move to maintain its "personality and impact" in the face of the possibility of a scaled down, socially distanced show, ensuring that global decision-makers have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, interact and create prosperous partnerships.

The most popular event week in the 50-plus-year history of the initiative was Nor-Shipping 2019.

More than 50,000 participants gathered in the main exhibition halls in Lillestrøm and around venues in nearby Oslo from over 85 countries. However, the proposed 2021 program may not have delivered the same industry impact, experience and value under the current circumstances, commented Nor-Shipping Directors Karen Algaard and Per Martin Tanggaard.

“Health and safety comes first. We are committed to following stringent standards with regards to minimising the risk of infection, and, at present, that means fewer people, less interaction and more distance between exhibitors and participants. We believe that isn’t in keeping with the essence of Nor-Shipping. However, by delaying the program a little we can offer everything we have become known for, and more, with a uniquely Norwegian flavour in January 2022. It gives us and, we hope, the entire industry something very special to look forward to," said Algaard.

The decision was made in consultation with all Nor-Shipping partners and a variety of exhibitors, who were overwhelmingly supportive of a move to facilitate greater communication and liaison. Of those approached, over 90% of exhibitors were in favor of rescheduling, with many stating that it would have been difficult to engage in a summer 2021 gathering.

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