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  3. NATO started Brilliant Jump II 2020 exercise in Northern Europe
NATO started Brilliant Jump II 2020 exercise in Northern Europe

NATO started Brilliant Jump II 2020 exercise in Northern Europe

NATO's Brilliant Jump II 2020 exercise, aimed at increasing and demonstrating the readiness and versatility of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), was launched in Northern Europe on 28 September, the NATO Maritime Command reported.


In January of this year, NATO Response Force (NRF) 2020 units were activated to evaluate and develop their agility at very short notice, and now it is time to ensure that agility has been maintained. The 2020 Brilliant Jump II is planned in two parts: a mainly maritime phase from 28 Sept to 2 Oct, followed by an overland deployment phase from 28 Oct to 6 Nov.

NATO's Allied Air Command, the NATO Command Structure Joint Force Air Component Headquarters (JFAC), will control the crisis response steps related to VTJF activation during Brilliant Jump II 2020. The Allied Air Command of NATO works closely with JFAC for the 2020 NRF.

Before the United Kingdom exercise Joint Warrior 20-2, the United Kingdom JFAC, based at High Wycombe, will have experts track Brilliant Jump II 2020 activities and conduct their readiness training.

Step one will be attended by NATO's Allied Maritime Command, Spanish Maritime Force (SPMARFOR) and Standing NATO Maritime Group 1, comprising NRP Corte-Real, HMCS Toronto and BNS Leopold I.

SPMARFOR currently represents the maritime portion of the NRF for the year 2020. In order to be assigned as the Maritime Command of the NRF, SPMARFOR HQ was trained and assessed by NATO's Allied Maritime Command in late 2019 and will remain on stand-by until the end of 2020.

A Mechanized Battalion from the Czech Republic, a Brigade HQ, a Spearhead Battalion, a Special Forces and a Chemical , Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Task Force HQ and an Infantry Battalion from Spain will be part of the participating land units.

The key objective of the exercise is to sustain VJTF forces' readiness so that they can rapidly deploy and practice / enhance logistic interoperability with allies and partners at the same time.

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