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Maersk unveils a new digital platform

Maersk unveils a new digital platform

Maersk is introducing a digital platform to help small and medium-sized businesses control and simplify their supply chains.


Hundreds of products travel through the supply chain every day, on various carriers, coming from and reaching several supply chain partners and consumers.

And for many of these businesses, this complexity is handled entirely manually by spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, which contributes to decreased visibility and control given a lot of hard work – and potentially higher costs or lost sales.

“Maersk Flow will allow our customers to significantly improve their supply chain performance with less time and effort. This lets them focus more resources on their core business and achieve happier customers and higher sales growth,“ says Martin Holme Global Head of SCM & E-commerce Logistic, A.P. Moller – Maersk.

The company claims that the solution will increase transparency in critical supply chain processes.

Maersk also aims to reduce manual labor and costly mistakes while empowering logistics professionals with all the current and historical data they need.

Many industry bodies have identified the coronavirus pandemic as a catalyst for the digitalisation of the shipping industry as social distancing and travel restrictions increase the need for operational automation.

Consequently, there has been a greater take-up of digitalization within the sector as a way to improve operational efficiency while adhering to the safety and health measures imposed by governments and health authorities.

Furthermore, with greater technical dependence, the need to defend these systems and applications against cyber-attacks and hacks has also grown exponentially.

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