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  3. Maersk Eindhoven waits for clearance by Japanese authorities
Maersk Eindhoven waits for clearance by Japanese authorities

Maersk Eindhoven waits for clearance by Japanese authorities

Maersk Eindhoven, a Maersk-operated container ship that lost around 260 containers last week, is currently in Japanese waters awaiting Japanese authorities' clearance for transit to Yokohama APM Terminals.


On February 25, the ship is expected to receive the green light to dock at the container terminal.

The loss of containers from the Danish-flagged container ship Maersk Eindhoven was due to a severe loss of maneuverability owing to the rolling of the vessel.

On February 17, 2021, Maersk said the containership experienced a loss of engine propulsion for 3-4 minutes while sailing 45 nautical miles in heavy seas off Northern Japan.

Propulsion power on the vessel was rapidly restored and the initial analysis indicates that a safety feature was triggered by engine oil pressure, causing the engines to shut down. According to Maersk, no malfunctions or maintenance problems have been identified.

“The ship’s engine and seaworthiness is in good working order and the port call repairs will address some steel railings, inspection of hatch covers and other activities that the surveyors might find. At this point in time, we have ensured that all replacement materials and welding activities can be performed in port. This is subject to change in the event our inspection and survey process finds new items to repair,” Maersk announced.

Once these repairs are finalized, the company expects Maersk Eindhoven to resume normal TP6 service routing.

There is a complete investigation underway into the incident.

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