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Los Angeles Port launches new "Control Tower" data tool

Los Angeles Port launches new "Control Tower" data tool

The Port of Los Angeles has unveiled a new "Control Tower" data tool, the third such instrument introduced in less than six months by the nation's busiest trade gateway.


According to the company's statement, the Control Tower provides real-time views of truck turn times, as well as other truck capacity management details, to help freight owners, truckers and other supply chain stakeholders better predict and schedule cargo flows.

Phase one of the launch of the Control Tower provides users with current snapshots of turn times at all cargo terminals in the Port, regularly updated with GeoStamp data and broken down by daily and monthly historical averages.

Recent and future trending volume data, as well as historical volumes and trends from 2017, segmented by mode and specificity, are also generated by the Control Tower.

The Signal data tool, released last September, offers a three-week look at cargo coming to the Port of Los Angeles, with details updated daily. This information can now also be accessed via the Control Tower platform.

The Return Signal tool introduced in November offers information that lets the trucking community know when and where empty containers can be returned to cargo terminals in the port complex of San Pedro Bay. The Return Signal information is changed every 5 minutes.

The Control Tower announcement comes on the heels of last month's announcement by the Port about its latest incentive program to move trucks through its terminals faster and more effectively.

The Port's Truck Turn-Time and Dual-Transaction Incentive Programs provide two ways for terminal operators to receive financial rewards: one for shortening the time it takes to process dropping and/or picking up freight trucks, and the other for trucks on the same trip handling both import and export transactions.

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