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Liebherr crane selected for offshore converter station

Liebherr crane selected for offshore converter station

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock has signed a contract with Aibel to supply TenneT's DolWin epsilon (DolWin5) offshore convertor station with an RL 2600-35 Lit cylinder luffing crane for the transmission system operator.


The crane will be used on the offshore platform in the German region of the North Sea for supply and repair. In mid-2021, the RL 2600 will be delivered.

The RL 2600-35 Lit is a compact, weight-optimized offshore crane suitable for use where space is small. It has a box boom with a working width of 52 m and a maximum lifting capacity of 35 tons.

Liebherr said a ram luffing crane can be electro-hydraulically or diesel-hydraulically driven and is well-suited to small or unmanned platforms. The RL series box-type booms have a cylinder luffing style. This decreases height and weight and the maintenance is minimized.

“The RL 2600-35 Lit is ready to be equipped with innovative features to meet the demanding requirements of normally unmanned offshore platforms," Liebherr sales manager offshore cranes Matti Basan stated.

DolWin5 is part of an offshore grid link system with a high voltage direct current. It can transmit green power up to 900 MW, and is located in the DolWin cluster. The Borkum Riffgrund 3 wind farm will be connected to the grid by DolWin5

If the platform has been completed, TenneT will use the crane on it to load and unload supply vessels offshore.

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