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  3. Korean Register establishes LNG Bunkering Simulation Center
Korean Register establishes LNG Bunkering Simulation Center

Korean Register establishes LNG Bunkering Simulation Center

The Korean Register (KR) said it had set up a new fuel and bunkering simulation center (KR LSC) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) at its headquarters in Busan.


As a result of the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to minimize SOx, which came into force at the beginning of this year, and with the tightening of GHG emission regulations in the future, the use of LNG as a ship fuel and demand for bunkering is expected to increase.

KR LSC will provide extensive technical services relating to LNG operations, including not only testing and optimal operations for the supply of LNG fuel and bunkering systems, but also thorough risk analysis of liquefied gas for ships powered by environmentally friendly fuels such as LNG, hydrogen and ammonia.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between KR and Transgas Solution (TGS) following the official opening of the site on September 15, agreeing to develop an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system that will be used to train LNG-powered ship operators and for ship-to - ship bunkering.

KR also said it will work with TGS to develop realistic education and training programs for shipping companies, shipyards and equipment manufacturers by, for example, integrating the use of OTS and virtual reality ( VR) on the basis of real-time simulation of the fuel processes of LNG vessels.

Through the Greenship Equipment Testing and Certification Center (TCC) established in Gunsan in 2015, KR procured test technology for LNG-propelled ship engines and aftertreatment devices.

Unified LNG technical services will be provided by the newly formed KR LSC, adding simulation technology and allowing the implementation of a pretreatment system for LNG fuel propulsion.

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