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  3. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal expects a strong restart
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal expects a strong restart

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal expects a strong restart

As Hong Kong represents the 12th largest outbound tourism market, there are high expectations for Hong Kong and the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.


“Roads and transportation in the Kai Tak district have been improved. We went from a single-lane access road to a dual two-lane road in early 2020. A Kai Tak metro station was inaugurated in February, with bus service connecting it to the cruise terminal. So public transportation is now quite good,” said Jeff Bent, managing director, Worldwide Cruise Terminals.

A new elevated walkway with a hanging garden and a small park will be ready for visitors at the terminal by the end of October, added Jeff Bent.

Another intersection between Hong Kong and mainland China was opened in August, making it seven intersections, but this is just the second with so-called one-stop immigration clearance and highway access from both sides.

It nicely complements the recent high-speed rail and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai - Macao Bridge, according to Bent. Hong Kong airport has effectively hit peak traffic if that wasn't enough and a third runway will be operational by 2024 to add more space.

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