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  3. Jumbo completed goods for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm
Jumbo completed goods for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm

Jumbo completed goods for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm

The Dutch heavy lift and transportation company Jumbo has recently completed the transportation portion of what is the company's biggest job ever - the Yunlin offshore wind farm in Taiwan Transportation and Installation contract.


Jumbo said Tuesday that it had mobilized its heavy lift vessels to transport 40 monopiles, 120 monopile parts and 40 transfer pieces (TPs) from yards in the Netherlands and Germany to Taiwan, along with subcontracted deck carriers and heavy lifters from third parties.

Back in June 2019, the company won the Yunlin T&I contract with Yunneng Windpower, a WPD company.

In terms of logistics, Jumbo said, the Yunlin offshore wind farm is a major project, requiring no less than 21 intercontinental voyages to transport parts, often with 10 transfer pieces per voyage.

Jumbo is ready for the construction of 80 transition parts with the transport of the offshore wind substructures now completed.

Jumbo will once again be operating at Tier I level, contracting additional support services such as specialists in monopile cleaning and TP grouting teams, the company said.

Its logistics success on the Yunlin project has not gone unnoticed in the industry, according to the company.

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