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  3. Italy’s first post-COVID-19 cruise departs from Genoa
Italy’s first post-COVID-19 cruise departs from Genoa

Italy’s first post-COVID-19 cruise departs from Genoa

The first Italian cruise since the COVID-19 crisis departed Genoa, Italy today, 16 August, marking a landmark for Italy in the rehabilitation of both the virus and the cruise industry.


Following a press conference and numerous guests, the MSC Grandiosa sailed on its first 7-day voyage.

Passengers arriving for the cruise have experienced a range of changes in the way the business works. This was also the first evaluation of the new comprehensive health protocols of MSC Cruises. Passengers have been allocated arrival times to establish smaller groups during the embarkation process.

All guests were also issued with a free RFID bracelet, which enables passengers to maintain contactless communications on board the ship, such as opening their cabin door or making payments. MSC also said that the devices would help to monitor proximity communications, if necessary.

To preparation for the resumption of the cruise, MSC also took a number of measures with the crew on board the vessel.

All crew members were subject to health screening programs, including three separate COVID-19 assessments conducted at various times and a period of isolation prior to beginning on-board operations. Each crew member will also undergo further checks on a regular basis and their health will be tracked.

MSC plans to start sailing regularly with the MSC Grandiosa and, later this month, will also be sailing for the first time in the Eastern Mediterranean from Trieste to the Greek ports aboard the MSC Magnifica. Only people living in Schengen countries are currently permitted to embark on these cruises.

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