3. HMS Queen Elizabeth becomes fleet flagship of Royal Navy
HMS Queen Elizabeth becomes fleet flagship of Royal Navy

HMS Queen Elizabeth becomes fleet flagship of Royal Navy

As the Royal Navy moves closer to deploying the technologically advanced carrier strike group, HMS Queen Elizabeth took on the role of Fleet Flagship.


"The position of Fleet Flagship is a symbol of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s importance to the nation, not just in restoring our carrier strike capability, but as a rolling statement of British commitment to global security, prosperity and trade," 

In order to mark the transfer of the position from HMS Albion, Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Jerry Kyd was received by HMS Queen Elizabeth, while Royal Navy ships and shore establishments were informed at 1330 by a signal.

It was revealed last week that during its first operational strike group deployment, the UK's new Flagship and Lightning Force of F-35B stealth strike fighters will also be augmented by a detachment of fifth-generation aircraft from the US Marine Corps and a U.S. Navy destroyer.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Royal Navy's Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Class and Fleet Flagship. Capable of holding 40 aircraft, including fixed-wing, autonomous and rotary-wing vehicles. She is the Royal Navy's largest and most powerful vessel ever built.

The length of the vessel is 280 meters and its displacement is 65.000 tons.

HMS Queen Elizabeth's flight deck comes in at an enormous 4 acres and will be used to launch the frightening new F35 Joint Strike Fighter fast jet. It is possible to transfer four fighter jets from the hangar to the flight deck in just one minute.

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