3. Guangzhou Shipyard cuts steel for methanol-fuelled Stena Pro Patria
Guangzhou Shipyard cuts steel for methanol-fuelled Stena Pro Patria

Guangzhou Shipyard cuts steel for methanol-fuelled Stena Pro Patria

For the IMOIIMeMAX methanol-fueled Stena Pro Patria, which is due for delivery in early 2022, China-based Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) has held a steel cutting ceremony.


The 49,900 dwt Stena Pro Patria will be the first of three methanol vessels to be constructed by a joint venture between Stena Bulk of Sweden and Proman Stena Bulk Ltd. of Swiss-based Proman Shipping.

Stena ProMare and Stena Prosperous will be named as the remaining two vessels. MAN dual-fuel engines, as well as innovative new water and fuel emulsion technologies to minimize nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, will be featured in the methanol-ready Stena Pro Patria.

“The steel cutting for Stena Pro Patria is the first step in a fascinating series of projects that will further strengthen Stena’s commitment to sustainability excellence and with spearheading shipping’s fuel innovation and wider decarbonisation journey,” commented Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk.

The company estimates that Stena Pro Patria will use approximately 12,500 tons of methanol as fuel per year, significantly reducing the resulting emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases, especially compared to traditional marine fuels.

The vessels will also be fitted with equipment for energy efficiency, including continuous combustion control, optimized tuning, revamped and aerodynamic hull lines and power shaft generators, reducing fuel consumption and helping to meet stringent emission standards.

At over 100 ports worldwide, including all major bunkering hubs, methanol is already available. It is a clean-burning, safe-to-carry and entirely biodegradable fuel that reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, completely removes sulphur oxide (SOx) and specific substances, and reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 60% compared to traditional marine fuels.

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